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Cyber risk in critical national infrastructure

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Critical national infrastructure (CNI) is so fundamental to daily life that it is often taken for granted. But an interruption is highly visible, and it could affect millions of people.

Mon 11 Jun 2018 @ 12:31

CNI has long emphasised the physical security of plants and assets. Since the advent of modern terrorism, we have seen increasing physical security at power plants, airports, water treatment facilities, and many other locations. Securing the complex IT systems that run these facilities is equally vital.

However, at the same time, CNI operators are expected to provide increased services across a wider area to more customers – and to do so in the context of tightening budgets or capped rates. Smarter, more flexible, and more accessible systems are a key part of CNI operators securely delivering on their mandate. The days of staying secure by keeping systems isolated and unconnected from networks are rapidly ending. CNI operators need to be ready for the attacks that are coming.