GDPR Compliance: Keep it SIEMple

How SIEM can play a key role in supporting your compliance efforts.

Wed 20 Mar 2019 @ 16:19

GDPR is live. Whether you are deep into your compliance initiatives or playing catchup, you should know how your SIEM plays a key role in supporting your compliance efforts.

Join LogRhythm’s compliance experts to learn how we, as a cyber-security vendor, are not only working through our own compliance needs, but also finding ways to make it easier to achieve compliance.


• How GDPR is playing out in the real world
• What LogRhythm is doing for our own GDPR compliance
• How to leverage LogRhythm’s experience and GDPR Compliance Module to simplify your own compliance efforts

Register today to see how other organisations are handling compliance with GDPR and learn how a SIEM solution like LogRhythm can streamline your compliance with the regulation.