Going on the offensive: Incorporating threat hunting into your security

Taking proactive action to keep your network secure.

Wed 27 Feb 2019 @ 18:02

Threat hunting is the latest strategy to keep networks secure. Put simply, it refers to the process of proactively searching for advanced threats that may have eluded security systems. In other words, going after the ones that slipped through the net.

It’s important to know that threat hunting is more than industry hype. It provides security professionals with a powerful weapon with which to combat threat actors. So, is it time to go on the offensive?

  • Learn why threat hunting should be on your security mandate for 2018
  • Discover some of the core requirements for getting started with threat hunting
  • Hear how you can you jump start your threat hunting mindset
  • Learn how a simple threat hunt can unravel a more sophisticated attack

Watch our video to hear Andrew Costis, threat research engineer at LogRhythm Labs, outline how a simple hunt uncovered a malicious insider attack by a privileged user.