Securing the IoT: Keeping planes in the air and the lights on at home

The Internet of Things (IoT) will generate, process and share more data than ever before. Data that needs to be secured.

Wed 26 Sep 2018 @ 16:13

The data generated by non-traditional sensors and systems can help detect anomalous behaviour and maintain the uptime we expect from the new wave of connected devices.

In this webinar, LogRhythm’s security experts will explain how this data can be used, with examples from a range of industries – from jet turbine manufacturers to in-home automation providers.

Join the webinar to discover:
1. How IoT devices blur the boundaries between IT security, operational technology and security in the physical world
2. How to gain visibility into the data generated by these devices – and what it really means
3. What customers have experienced through real-life use cases