Threat management and the keys to avoiding a major data breach

An interview with Ross Brewer, vice president & managing director EMEA, LogRhythm

Fri 21 Apr 2017 @ 10:19

Research shows that 76 per cent of companies suffered a data breach in 2016 so it’s almost inevitable that hackers will gain access to your company and your sensitive data.

Security professionals are now looking to deal with breaches faster to keep their customer data safe and protect their brand reputation. Organisations have another incentive to protect customer data with heavy GDPR fines on the horizon.

Organisations are fearful of damaging data breaches but unsure of the best course of action to protect themselves from major cyber incidents. While a large percentage of businesses focus on building up perimeter defences, not enough are concentrating on monitoring their own networks to detect threats and mitigate them before significant damage is done.

Watch this in-depth one-on-one interview to discover:

  • More about the current threat landscape and the dangers to your organisation.
  • How you can reduce the time to detect and respond to threats without adding staff to accomplish the job.
  • More about how cutting-edge technology can be used such as:
    • Advanced machine analytics, which are key to discovering potential threats quickly.
    • Security automation and orchestration capabilities, which increase the efficiency of the threat lifecycle management process.
  • The influence that GDPR will have and steps you need to take.