Welcome to Threat

Welcome to A new information security publication about the issues, challenges and solutions you face in the cybersecurity industry.

Wed 3 May 2017 @ 12:08

Welcome to a new information security publication. Every week will bring you information about the issues, challenges and solutions that we’re facing in the end-to-end protection of our organisations.

We’ll bring this information to you through a mix of content types and voices, that includes traditional deep dives such as webinars and white papers, as well as and Q&As with experts, infographics and our quick-fire Decoded series on key topics. is brought to you by security intelligence vendor LogRhythm and will feature content produced independently by a team of infosecurity writers, including analysts and journalists.

So dip into our publication with a look at or our first Decoded article about threat lifecycle management and find out how automation helps organisations overcome the security skills crisis or how big data is being employed to detect unusual activity within organisations.

We would welcome your feedback on the site content. Please get in touch and share your thoughts on the website.